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Turpentine Oil  
Turpentine Oil
Description By cyclic and monocyclic terpenes like Pinene,Camphene, Carene, Menthadines.
Appearance Light pale yellow, mobile liquid.
CAS No 8006 - 64 - 2
EINECS No.. 232 - 350 - 7
FEMA No. 3089
Solubility Soluble in all proportions of Chloroform, Petroleum ether, Benzens, Glacial acetic acid etc. Insoluble In water.
Acid No. 1 max.°
Ash content NIL.
Residue on Evaporation 2% max.
Flash Point (Closed cup method) Above 35 ¡ C. ( 95 ¡ F )
Critical Components As per Standard
GC Purity
Alpha Pinene 18 - 24%
Delta 3 Carene 45 - 55%
Antioxidant Nil
Quality Assurance WHO/GMP Certified & ISO 9001-2008 Certified & KOSHER
Tariff No. 3805 10 20
Batch/Lot Size 170.000 Kgs. To 013600.000 Kgs.
Container Type G.I. Drums Or HDMPE Drums of 205/210 litres.
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