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Menthol Crystal Replacement
This product was developed by identifying high cooling Mentha Arvensis fraction at the time of distillation and blending together to produce MCR of same cooling effect/characteristic as of Menthol Crystal.
Being cheaper than regular Menthol Crystal, the product is cost-effective and being in liquid form(summers), the transportation and application also become much easier.

Being 100% natural, MCR can replace Menthol Crystal at 1:1 ratio and can be used in all applications.
The product is registered in TSCA, EINECS/ELINCS and meets IFRA code of Practice as well as FEMA guidelines.
Odour & Taste?
The odour can be described as a slightly sweet, minty, cooling, ethereal with penetrating spicy-cineolic nuances, which is also evident in Menthol Crystals. It has the same intensity as well the blotter life as apparent in Menthol Crystal.

The taste characteristics at 50ppm in water can be illustrated as cooling, camphoraceous, minty, clean and spicy, it has the same lingering effect as present in Menthol Crystals.
•  Toothpaste Flavors
•  Pain Balm
•  Cough Syrup
•  Candy Flavors
•  Mentholated Cigarette
•  Chewing Gum Flavors
•  Cool Hair Oils
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