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Menthol Crystal
Product Name Menthol Crystal (Natural)
Qualities Available
Menthol Crystal IP
Menthol Crystal BP
Menthol Crystal USP
Menthol Crystal JP
Menthol Crystal EP
Molecular weight 156.27
Empirical formula C 10 H 20 O
CAS No. 2216 - 51 - 5
EINECS # 218 - 690 - 9
COE No. 63
JECFA No. 427
FEMA No. 2665
Appearance Shiny Crystals
Colour Colorless
Odour Pleasant and characteristic
Taste Refreshing, pleasant followed by cooling taste
Solubility Soluble in Alcohol.
Specific Rotation -45 ° to -51°
Melting Point 41.0 ° C to 44.0 ° C
Non volatile residue 0.05% max
Flash Point 93 ° C (close cup method)
Boiling point 212 ° C. @ 760 mm Hg.
Vapor pressure 0.8 mm Hg. @ 20 ° C.
Shelf life 5 Years
GC Purity 99.40% Min. (L-Menthol Content)
Antioxidant Nil
Quality Assurance WHO/GMP Certified & ISO 9001-2008 Certified & KOSHER
HS Code 2906 . 11 . 00
Batch/Lot Size 1000 Kgs. To 9000 Kgs.
Container Type 25 Kg In Papper Drums

IMPORTANT:- The data submitted above is for guidance only. Since many factors affect the processing & application of our product, user should carry out their own tests before any particular application. Therefore, no warranty is expressed or implied in the sale.

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