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"Mentha-Mint" is a cost- effective reconstitution of American Peppermint Oil. It is a blend of selected fractions of fractional-distilled Mentha Piperita Oil of Indian origin. The raw materials is exclusively selected by our Flavorist Team, during the distillation process and further blended to give the required profile for American Origin Peppermint Oil.

Below are the types of Peppermint Oil, which are being produced at Menthaand have achieved global acceptance:

. Peppermint Oil Yakima Type
. Peppermint Oil Far West Type
. Peppermint Oil Madras Type
Why Mentha-Mint?
Over the past many years, American Peppermint oil supply has decreased drastically while reaching to very low levels of 2700MT/annum in 2008 from 5700 MT/annum in 1999. The applications of Peppermint Oil is increasing each day, which has created high demand in the market and resulting in high prices due to decrease in production.

We at "Mentha & Allied" are always dedicated to provide the world, the cost-effective solutions to Mint Products. Hence, we have developed this 100% natural substitute to American Peppermint Oil, which can replace American Peppermint Oil in 1:1 ratio.
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