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The keystone of the Mentha & Allied business philosophy is the conviction that the well-being of the Company and of its People are interdependent and that the company's most valuable assets are its people. 

Our commitments :
  • To employ the most competent, on the basis of merit
  • To ensure that every employee is treated with dignity and respect, and in a fair, consistent and equitable manner
  • To create a stimulating, enabling and supportive work atmosphere
  • To aid and encourage employees in realizing their full potential
We recognize that the success of this philosophy depends in a large measure on the manner in which managers and their team members - at every level - carry out their duties and obligations to each other and to the company. Without mutual confidence and loyalty among employees, as well as respect for each other as human beings, our philosophy will not work. 

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 Job Title :   Research Scientist
 Career Description :
  Creativity & Zeal To Produce New Aroma Chemicals For Commercial Production
 Discipline :   Chemicals
 Educational Qualification :   PHD In Any Discipline Related To Chemicals
 Country :   India
 City :   Rampur, Uttar Pradesh
 Post On :   01 Jan 2015
 Apply Upto :   31 Mar 2015
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  T : +91-11-25734201 | E- info@menthaallied.com
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