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L -Limonene 95%  
Product Name L-LIMONENE 95%Mini.
Organaleptic Properties
Colourless clear liquid.
Pleasant lemon like odour .
Technical Properties
Analytical specifications-


Specific Gravity 25 Deg.C.
Optical Rotation 25 Deg.C.
Refractive Index 20 Deg.C.

Miscible with Alcohol.

0.8200 to 0.8800
-110.00° to -90.00°
1.4680 to 1.4780
G.C. Assay

Regulatory status

5989 – 54– 8
Toxicology Information

Acute Effects
LD50, oral (rat)
LD50, dermal (rabbit)
No formal data available
Quality Assurance WHO/GMP Certified & ISO 9001-2008 Certified
Batch/Lot Size 170.000 Kg. To 13600.000 Kg.
Container Type G.I. Drums of 180 kg

IMPORTANT:- The data submitted above is for guidance only. Since many factors affect the processing & application of our product, user should carry out their own tests before any particular application. Therefore, no warranty is expressed or implied in the sale.

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